The Hayes motorcycle diesel engine is based on state-of-the-art high-speed automotive diesel engine technology, engineered into a complete power unit suitably sized and packaged for installation in a compact on/off road motorcycle.

The aim is to produce the best possible power and torque without the need for turbo charging. To achieve good power, an advanced, thermally robust, free-breathing four valve cylinder head is used, in combination with an indirect injection combustion system and intensive development and tailoring of the fuel injection characteristics. Indirect injection also gives lower combustion pressures – enabling lighter engine construction, less ‘diesel knock’.


Hayes Diesel Technologies, USA, stands firm on a core value system that embraces Innovation, Quality and Service. Hayes delivers uncompromising technology, dynamic engineering and revolutionary design to its customers in every product. The company's size, expertise and intensity allow for greater flexibility developing leading edge technology for the motorcycle and small diesel engine markets.

We are honored to serve the men and women of our Armed Forces by providing the best equipment possible. Hayes is proud to provide the best in diesel motorcycle technology to both our government and civilian customers.

Note: Hayes Diesel is now strictly a Research and Development Firm.  Our purpose is to further the development of our proprietary diesel technology through independent Research and Develop and to work with interested Universities and manufacturers to advance clean diesel technology for a wide variety of commercial and automotive uses. 

Hayes Diesel does not offer engines or diesel powered vehicles for consumer use.


2013 Vetter Fuel Challenge on the Quail Ride
May 3, 2013
Official results of the 2013 Vetter Fuel Challenge on the Quail Ride
The Vetter Challenges are all different. But they represent real riding conditions. The 2013 Quail Challenge was a little slower this year. In addition, there were almost no headwinds. On the other hand, we ended the Ride with 3 laps around the Laguna Seca Racetrack. How could you go slow given such an opportunity? We all raced. We had to.

The 2012 Vetter Challenge at the Quail Gathering is History
Your winner (again) Fred Hayes on his Diesel: 109.6 mpg!
The Quail Gathering showcases the finest motorcycles from the past, present and future.


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