Hayes Diesel Technologies, USA, stands firm on a core value system that embraces Innovation, Quality and Service.

Hayes delivers uncompromising technology, dynamic engineering and revolutionary design to its customers in every product. The company's size, expertise and intensity allow for greater flexibility developing leading edge technology for the motorcycle and small diesel engine markets.   We are honored to serve the men and women of our Armed Forces by providing the best equipment possible. Hayes is proud to provide the best in diesel motorcycle technology to both our government and civilian customers.


Mr. Fred Hayes has been with HDT since its beginning in 1961 and has led the Company to be the largest supplier of military motorcycles to the U.S. Defense Department. Mr. Hayes has over 30 years experience in all aspects of government contract management and accounting. He is also HDT's Chief Engineer and responsible for the management of the R&D and production departments. Mr. Hayes is the Project Manager for the diesel motorcycle program and is ultimately responsible for all aspects Research & Development and production design for the diesel engine program.

Mr. Hayes is an experienced motorcycle rider and has earned Gold and Silver Medals in motorcycle competition. His most recent accomplishment was to ride two of HDT's diesel motorcycles to the first recognized Land Speed Records for diesel motorcycles at Bonneville, Utah. Mr. Hayes has also competed successfully in international motorcycle competition and earned a Platinum Medal (the highest award) at the 2003 UK National Rally. He was a part of a three man team consisting of Dr. Stuart McGuigan, Mr. John Crocker and Fred Hayes. All were on HDT's diesel motorcycles.

In addition Mr. Hayes was one of the primary consultants to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the U.S. Marine Corps during the development of the Marine Corps' Military Motorcycle Operator Training Course. Mr. Hayes still holds credentials as a Military Motorcycle Chief Instructor.



Dr Stuart McGuigan is design consultant to Hayes Diesel Technology . He is responsible for the design of the Hayes family of high performance diesel engines. Stuart obtained first class honors in mechanical engineering at Aston University via a student apprenticeship with the Birmingham Small Arms Group (BSA). Following work for BSA on motorcycle design and development, he returned to Aston to undertake doctoral research concerning the flow and bulk handling of fluidised solids and the design of systems to exploit this technology.

In 1973, he joined what is now the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom [DAUK] - a faculty of Cranfield University, and was appointed Director of Design in the Engineering Systems Department in 1997. Since 2003, he has worked as an independent consultant engineer and is also a director of his own company, Criterion (Engineers) Ltd, which designs, manufactures and markets specialist equipment for vehicles, including motorcycles.

He has wide-ranging interests in engineering design, including motorcycles, military and heavy vehicle power packs, weapon systems, inland waterway and small offshore boats. His work for DAUK was centered on the military interests, encompassing both teaching and consultancy. He has been a major contributor to the Masters' course in military vehicle technology and has taught on advanced specialist courses at home and overseas for more than 30 years.

He has considerable experience in technical risk assessment and design review work for the UK Ministry of Defence and defense prime contractors, playing a major role in work on the AS90 self-propelled gun, Challenger 2 main battle tank and Terrier armored engineer vehicle, and leading work on the Spearfish naval torpedo and the MRAV/ABSV/FRES armored vehicle family. This work has resulted in major enhancements in equipment specification, reliability and availability. He has also undertaken technical risk assessments in the commercial sector.

He is still an active designer, concentrating in recent years on internal combustion engines and their drivelines, and has established an international reputation as a consultant in countries including USA, India, Japan and the UK. Other motorcycle projects include a range of gearboxes, an electric starter installation and a complete unit-construction engine. He is currently working on engine upgrading, and on transmissions for electrically-powered motorcycles. All this work embraces technical consultancy from concept design, through detail design and development, to support for full commercial production. Other work has included value engineering of complete motorcycles already in volume production, leading to optimization of cost-effectiveness in manufacture.

His work has also included acting as an expert witness in litigation actions, both for major multi-national companies and individual claimants – encompassing written reporting, and appearance in court and at arbitration tribunals. He has appeared before the High Court in London and the International Court of Arbitration in Paris and London.



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