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With over a year of testing, we have found that AMSOIL products continually outperform all other lubricants. AMSOIL provides Improved Performance, Increased Fuel Economy, Lower Oil Consumption, and significantly reduced Engine Wear in all operating conditions.

Hayes is currently using AMSOIL 5w-30 and 5w-40 diesel motor oils in our diesel motorcycle engines.




The M103M1 Military Motorcycles are equipped with Dunlop D606 tires, front and rear. The D606 provides outstanding performance off-road and are DOT rated for on-road use. We chose the D606 for its uncompromising performance and durability

The Civilian Models are equipped with the Dunlop D607s. The D607 has proven to be a great on-road performer while maintaining off-road capability. Hayes used standard D607s to set the first Land Speed Record for Diesel Motorcycles.




Nollen J6 :

Noleen J6 supplies custom designed shock absorbers for all Hayes's military and commercial motorcycles. They also rebuild and modify our front forks for greatly improved performance both on and off-road. These customized components work equally well on most model year Kawasaki KLR650s.

ABOUT NOLEEN J6 - For three decades, Clark Jones has tuned the suspensions for some of the top names in the powersports, automotive and mountain bike industries, including such powerhouse forces as the Factory Honda and Factory Suzuki Teams. Throughout the years and through the advent of Noleen J6, his work has developed techniques, invented innovative shock technologies such as the computer controlled K2 Smart Shock and created tools integral in achieving optimal suspension performance for racers, race shops, factory mechanics and race teams throughout the world. Take for example the United States Military, which enlists Noleen J6 as its exclusive suspension manufacturer for military motorcycles that serve special operations forces such as the Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs. And the world of pro racers, you can add champions such as Gary Denton, Heith Little, Doug Gust and Joe Byrd to the top of that list.






The Goodspeed companies have been dedicated to serving your petroleum products and transportation needs for three generations dating back over a 70 years.

Goodspeed Distributing Co., Inc. offers a full line of wholesale and retail motor fuels, lubricating oils, racing products, chemicals, and petroleum handling equipment.

Goodspeed Auto-Fuel Systems, Inc. is a commercial fueling service affiliated with the CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) with over 1,500 locations nationwide.

Goodspeed Tank Lines, Inc. is a interstate carrier of bulk petroleum products serving the southern areas of California, Nevada, and Arizona.





IMS Products:

IMS provides Hayes with OE custom molded fuel tanks, off-road foot pegs, and extended gear shift levers. IMS has also assisted in the development of the M1030M1 by designing and providing a new, high capacity radiator.





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